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      Tune your interior to Holiday Spirit

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    Best recipes using Emile Henry ceramic bake ware
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      Vibrant Red for a warm Christmas dishes

  • Christmas spirit in everything!

    Unique imprints on napkins & candles
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      Aromatic candles effervescent colors

  • Cerve Christmas Line:

    Warm your table dressing with unique pieces
      . Cerve Red tableware for this holiday; a resoundingly red Christmas
      .Warm colors that feed your appetite

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  • CorkNature is a Home and Office product range where the Design trends meet the most recent discoveries regarding product engineering! This brand has the ability to show how this natural and sustainable resource can become beautiful daily objects and smart organizing solutions.
  • Apex started out in 1949, founded by Enrico Re together with his brother Carlo. The company quickly became a supplier to top brands like Piaggio and MV Agusta, at the time leading the way in the Italian industrial renaissance and the booming economy. In 1960 there was a change in direction and Apex specialised in producing tools and products for household and professional cleaning.
  • If we didn't know there were countless ways to dry clothes, we wouldn't have invented the clothes rack more than 50 years ago. The future of clothes drying is in its past: In 1959 Artweger invented the RuckZuck, the mother of all clothes racks.
  • Since 1919 "Becchetti Giacomo and Brothers' Foundry" has developed that market niche where the professional competence and the choice of traditional lines combined to a quality-service research can win also in a local context as Lumezzane is: a small Italian birthplace of house-ware family business located in Brescia area.
  • More than 100 years of tradition combined with a young and ambitious spirit. It all began in 1899, in Betzingen near to Reutlingen where Daniel Braun and Jakob Kemmler started their cooperation. Both of them had their own 'Flaschnerei' but they decided to bring their strengths together and at that moment BEKA was born. The brand was established in the same time period as Mercedes, Siemens and Bayer - other flagships of German industry. Later on, Mr Braun and Mr Kemmler took the decision to leave Betzingen and to move to a bigger production plant in Tübingen.
  • Within 60 years, CURVER has become an international company specialising in the production and sale of plastic household products for home and leisure. Placing innovation and design as a top priority, Curver ensures it remains one step ahead of the game, continuously working to create practical, decorative and user-friendly products that make life easier and more fun.
  • Founded in 1908, Demeyere has become over the years a worldwide reference company for the production of culinary utensils in stainless steel. We are the only brand worldwide that has adjusted its technology to suit different types of products and their individual cooking or frying functions. Demeyere, a company with a long tradition, its own philosophy, a clear vision, and much more…Discover here what Demeyere stands for…
  • Established in 1965, Demolli S.p.A. takes its business premises in Assago (Mi), starting the production and the distribution of house-ware items, in wood, plastic and metal. Thanks to its distribution power, Demolli company reaches all the best Italian house-ware and gift shops further to the biggest chain-stores.
  • DRAKOR - DRAKOPOULOS S.A. is one of the pioneer European companies in the production of thermoplastic sheets & foils. DRAKOR carries an extrusion experience of almost 30 years being: One of the handful few European companies producing flat and corrugated PVC sheets in 1967; One of the handful few European companies producing alveolar/ twin wall polypropylene sheets in 1970; One of the handful few European companies producing extruded PMMA sheets in 1972.
  • Emile Henry, a family-run international company. Created : 1850 Office and production site : Marcigny in Burgundy, France Employees : 200 craftsmen, carrying on the traditional savoir-faire Production : 4 fabrication units, 1 warehouse Certification : the only French producer of ceramics to have been certified ISO 9001
  • Since 1911, the Guillouard factory ensures a production of high quality products, hot dip galvanized, hot dip tinned or painted, designed for kitchen, garden, lamps, house, and farming. About one hundred employees manufacture these products known worldwide as plastic and hot dip tinned vegetable mills, preserving jar pans, or hurricane lamps. Thanks to the long tradition of quality, and employees proud of their know-how, the Guillouard factory produces reliable quality items. Moreover the workers are supervised by demanding foremen, and an important number of machines specially designed for our industry is available on our factory spread on more than 20 000 square meters in the city of Nantes (44).
  • Knowledge adapted to moderm times. That´s the philosophy we apply to our products. New materials and innovative desings side by side with our traditional models fill the pages of our extensive catalogue which we now present to you. Since 1942 in Ibili we have concerned ourselves with combining performance and style in order to improve our clients standard of living. Getting to know our kitchenware and cookware will leave a good taste in your mouth.
  • IVO Cutelarias, Lda., was founded in 1954, in Santa Catarina, Caldas Da Rainha, Portugal. The company specializes in the manufacturing of cutlery for home and professional use. With more than half a century of experience, IVO Cutelarias Lda., has produced and ensured top quality products, by combining the art of craftsmanship with the latest technologies, choosing from the best selection of steels, and maintaining high-quality control at every stage of the manufacturing process. It is a family run company with a strong export vocation, with its products in over 68 countries around the world.
  • Original Emperor ... baking and much more! Focusing on the future: The Kaiser brand has over 90 years experience in baking dishes, without ignoring the signs of the times: innovation, have visionary thinking and the joy of creative baking the company to market leader in bakeware and accessories made. If progress is based on tradition, competence arises. Kaiser is the best example. Kaiser Wilhelm Ferdinand put 1919 in the Erzgebirge the foundation for high quality products.
  • Our missions is to find innovative ways to offer the best quality, cost, and customer satisfaction in closet and home organization products. The Merrick priorities center about the safety of our associates, customer satisfaction, and commitment to the betterment of our workforce and the community. Merrick values are simply integrity, work ethic, and a sincere caring attitude about the work to which we dedicate ourselves. Our culture is one that pushes for improved performance and results everyday. We will never rest satisfied in our knowledge or our abilities.
  • Multy® is world’s market leader in household sponges and cleaning cloths. The Multy group itself has a workforce of over 500 employees and is operating in 8 different countries, allowing global capabilities and local service to support the world market. Production plants have been established in The Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, the United Kingdom and China, as well as sales offices and warehouses in Austria and Spain. The largest parts of our products are delivered under private label. We ensure our customers receive the same high quality, whether packaged under the Multy brand name or private label.
  • PDC Brush, a leading company specialised in manufacturing and marketing of private label household cleaning tools. Since 1946, we differentiate ourselves thanks to our flexibility based on expertise and partnership. PDC Brush's core business is private label, supplying European largest retailers. Our customers choose from our wide portfolio of household cleaning tools with several collections and colours. Besides we create and develop products on customer demand. This flexibility is our trademark and key to our growth.
  • At Propper, quality “made in Germany” and contemporary designs are Propper´s priority for more than 60 years. As a result, we are the market leader for adhesive hooks,bottle stoppers and watering cans, and enjoy a successful position in the indoor gardening segment. Our competent staff at our branches in Rain am Lech and Zittau realise design and international colour trends into quality products and support us in our continued success.
  • We are a solid managerial group in a constant expansion, leader both in the national and international market whose main objective is to be the home specialist giving solutions to all kind of necessities that could take place in the domestic area. The continuous innovation, functionality and design are the three main concepts in which our politics of developing products is based. These basic concepts together with a strict quality control and a very attractive image in the selling points make us a market reference.
  • Production, design, manufacturing and distribution of consumer products.
  • For more than 70 years, the Rubbermaid® brand represents innovative, high-quality products that help simplify life. From its original line of simple, durable housewares, Rubbermaid has developed a major presence in a wide array of categories ranging from home and garden to seasonal and commercial products. Recognized as a “Brand of the Century”, Rubbermaid is one of only 100 companies named as having an impact on the American way of life.
  • Sealskin in Waalwijk is a company steeped in tradition, which celebrated its 250 year anniversary in 2004. Gerrit van Loon, the founder of the present organisation, set up his company in Waalwijk in 1754. It started out as a leather business, supplying products to the (inter)national shoe industry and expanded its activities and range over the centuries. Leather disappeared and made way for plastic, fabrics, aluminium, glass and other materials.
  • SONECOL was founded in 1955, then devoted to the manufacture of products made in tin and sheet metal. The increase in the seventies in the plastics processing industry led to the replacement of many of the articles so manufactured in galvanized iron plate. Thus, by 1975 it was made ​​a total conversion of the company, resulting in the existing industry engaged in the manufacture of ironing boards, ladders, clothes driers, camping equipment and other household articles.
  • When analizyng the evolution of Tatay from its early stages, it’s found the big development of a Company with a clear brand and product philosophy, in order to offer the consumers articles that help to improve their welfare. TATAY was founded in the 30s, as a stamped metal jewelry . During the 40s it was incorporating the pressing process in thermoplastic, to mutate, during the 50s, to the injection and extrusion of thermoplastics.
  • "Terraillon's vision is to be a world leader in personal care products. Thanks to innovative design and the latest technological advances, we hope to ensure that our customers’ expectations are continuously exceeded."
  • Tescoma s.r.o. is a Czech company without foreign capital. Our business is concerned, in particular, with the development, design and the subsequent sale of name brand kitchen utensils. The registered office of Tescoma is situated in Zlín, an industrial centre with a long entrepreneurial tradition that was developed from the first half of the 20 th century by the world-famous Bata company.
  • On the doorstep of a new home, you ring the doorbell, look down, and there it is: “Welcome to Vigar.” Welcome to a new version of the home’s classics, one that not only redesigns its look but its usefulness as well. We’re what our clients want to be, what they look for, and what they like. That’s why we are where they are: at the store down the block or at a high-end department store, in Spain and 44 other countries. We are a trend-setting brand that’s open to the world.
  • Widex
  • Rubbermaid Commercial Products, headquartered in Winchester, Va., is a manufacturer of innovative, solution-based products for commercial and institutional markets worldwide. Since 1968, RCP has pioneered technologies and system solutions in the categories of food services, sanitary maintenance, waste handling, material transport, away-from-home washroom, and safety products. RCP, an ISO 9001:2000 manufacturer, is part of Newell Rubbermaid's global portfolio of brands and continues to develop innovative products.
  • It all began in 1919. 15 people and a small factory in the Dutch town of Aalst. A traditional, family owned business, run by engineers and craftsmen. And right from the start, good, professional workmanship has been the driving force behind our success.
  • Coronet International GmbH & Co. KG first began as the Hessische Hölzerwerke. Founded in 1920, this small enterprise sold household goods made of wood, following the tradition of broom and brush makers. 1970 saw the launch of the brand and company name. The product range and production facilities expanded more and more, as plastics increasingly found their way into the household goods market.
  • When you become acquainted with our candles, you will discover the unique character of our family business. What we do, we want to do right. Our passion for producing a quality product, in many shapes and sizes, can be identified in every candle we make and in our broad and complete assortment. Bolsius is the right place for any type of candle. Our different production facilities produce large quantities of candles. Yearly, one billion of our tealights find their way into your homes. As well as a complete basic assortment such as tealights, rustic candles, household, pillar and scented candles, we also produce a wide offer of trend and seasonal products.
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